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We offer a wide range of activities to choose from.
Horse sessions
Rein of Faith Ministries provides horse sessions for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of riders. Participants achieve skill levels for advancement to next level through evaluation and testing. Sessions consist of all aspects of horseback riding and handling skills for all age groups. Sessions include learning the proper techniques used to work with all levels and ages of horses from grooming, bathing, haltering, ground work for the young green horse to riding through obstacles, trail riding, reining, and penning with the more mature horses. The Ministry covers instruction on all barn chores from stall cleaning to feeding.
The Ministry provides participants with an opportunity to learn about the history of horses, the parts of a horse, the different parts of the tack and all vocabulary used in the horse industry.
Horse Training
Ministry participants advanced in skill level will help in the development and training of horses of all age groups and phases of training throughout the entire life span of the horse. This participation in training will allow the development of different skills and techniques necessary for a safe and confident horse from the very beginning “green” stage to the very “broke” stage.
Offsite Trips and Shows
Ministry provides participation in offsite activities such as day trips & overnight trips for trail riding, camping, worship, Bible stories, games & fun. All equipment, food, transportation, & horses will be provided by the Ministry. Other offsite activities includes horse shows and competition. All training & sessions to prepare for the various competitions are provided by the Ministry.

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